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Hebo Model STM 5 VDZ 30


Here we Have : 

Hebo Model STM 5 VDZ 30

SPS 2 Computer Control, With Basket Forming,

Hand Rail Embossers, End Forming and Band Maker

Embosser Has its Own Motor and Variable Speed Drive,

So you Can Simultaneously

Make Baskets and Emboss Handrails

Serial Number CS0798-2243

New in 1998

Buyers Responsibility to Insure Specifications

Equipped with:

2- HPG Hand Rail Embossers

EAS End Former

VDZ 30 Basket Forming Attachment

Band Maker (For Baskets)

Approx. $20,000 in Embossing Dies

Wired 220 Volt 3 Phase

Complete with: Cabinet, Table,

Conveyor and all Available Manuals

  • Model: Hebo Model STM 5 VDZ 30
  • 1 Units in Stock

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Product Name: Hebo Model STM 5 VDZ 30
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